Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sterling College Online’s acceptance requirements?

You can find a list of Sterling College Online Learning’s acceptance requirements here.

Can international students apply to Sterling College Online Programs?

At this time, Sterling College Online Programs is not able to offer courses for international students.

Students applying as non-citizen U.S. resident : SCO students may be asked to provide a validation of identity in the form of a driver’s license, passport, Letter of Referral, Permanent Residence Card/Alien Registration Number or a notarized document.

These students will follow the Online Program calendar and are held to the same academic standards as campus students

Do you offer your courses and/or programs in my state?

Yes! Some reciprocity maps specify that California residents are not eligible. However, because we are a private institution, California residents are eligible to enroll at SC.

Is our cost the same in-state or out of state?


How much will tuition cost? Are there other costs?

Visit our tuition page.

Do I qualify for financial assistance?

Visit our financial aid page .

Are we accredited?

Absolutely! Details here.

What speed of internet access do you recommend students have in order to take online courses?

We highly recommend a broadband connection.

What computer equipment do I need?

A computer built in the last 5-10 years or so would be helpful. More specifically, you’ll need either a desktop computer with a microphone and webcam or a laptop computer with a microphone and webcam.