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Elementary Education
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  • STEP (Sterling Teacher Education Program) graduates have an established history of success on the required content tests for licensure

  • Clinical teaching opportunities in your area

  • Personal advising by full-time faculty from the SC Education Department

  • Accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

  • Kansas licensure is highly regarded in other states

  • The Sterling Teacher Education Program (STEP) has a history of producing highly qualified educators. Our professors are licensed educators with classroom experience, and are excited to teach you about management techniques, lesson planning and methods of instruction. Our flexible STEP Online program takes you through the same accredited classes as our traditional students, allowing you to complete your degree on your schedule. If you already hold a bachelor’s degree, we also offer coursework in professional studies leading to Kansas licensure in many areas.

Core Requirements (must be completed with a C or higher):

AR275 Elementary Art Methods (3 credits)
BI101/L Principles of Biology with Lab (4 credits) or
BI125/L Environmental Science with Lab (4 credits)
EL152 English Language Arts for K-2 (3 credits)
EL154 English Language Arts for 3-5 (3 credits)
EL256 Child and Adolescent Literature (3 credits)
EL330 Methods of Teaching Elementary Math I (3 credits)
EL333 Methods of Teaching Elementary Science (2 credits)
EL335 Methods of Teaching Elementary Social Science (2 credits)
EL337 Methods of Teaching Elementary Math II (3 credits)
EL350 Reading Testing and Diagnosis (3 credits)
EL356 Methods of Teaching Elementary Reading and Language Arts (4 credits)
ES344 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Elementary P.E. (3 credits)
HG240 World and Regional Geography (3 credits)
MU243A Elementary Music Methods (2 credits)

Required General Education Courses:

BS115 Principles of Sociology (3 credits)
HI101 History of World Civilization I (4 credits) or
HI211 U.S. History I (4 credits) or
HI212 U.S. History II (3 credits)
PH110/L Physical Science w/Lab (4 credits)

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