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Summer Discount General Education Class Offerings for 2018 – $135 per credit hour*

If you’re an ONLINE PROGRAM STUDENT, please visit with your advisor first.

If you are NOT already a Sterling College student, registration for Summer 2 closes June 18, 2018.

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Summer 1, 2018

Start: May 14
Add/Drop deadline: May 18
Withdrawal Deadline: June 11 (5 PM Central time)
End: July 1

BI125/L Environmental Science with lab (4 credits) * plus a $30 lab fee; kits mailed to students
BS115 Principles of Sociology (3 credits)
CJ110: Introduction to Criminal Justice (3 credits)
CM101 Public Speaking (3 credits)
HG240 World Geography (3 credits)
HI211 US History I (3 credits)
LL101 College Composition (3 credits)
TM102 Introduction to the Old Testament (3 credits)
TM103 Introduction to the New Testament (3 credits)

*discount for paying up front with a credit or debit card

Summer 2, 2018

Start: July 2
Add/Drop Deadline: July 6
Withdrawal Deadline: July 30 (5 PM Central time)
End: August 19

ES101 Concepts of Physical Fitness and Health (2 credits)
HG202 American Government (3 credits)
HI212 US History II (3 credits)
LL151 Introduction to Literature (3 credits)
MA108 Contemporary Math (3 credits)
MU100 Music Appreciation (3 credits)
PH110/L Physical Science with lab (4 credits)
TM366 Basic Christian Doctrine (3 credits)

*discount for paying up front with a credit or debit card

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