Summer Discount General Education Class Offerings for 2017 – $135 per credit hour*

Registration for Summer 2017 Discounted Courses Began March 1, 2017.

Summer 1, 2017

Start: May 15

Add/Drop deadline: May 19

Withdrawal Deadline: June 12 (5 PM Central time)
End: July 2

BI125/L Environmental Science with lab (4 credits) * plus a $30 lab fee; kits mailed to students
BS115 Principles of Sociology (3 credits)
CM101 Public Speaking (3 credits)
HG240 World Geography (3 credits)
HI101 History of World Civilization I (to 1500 AD) (3 credits)
LL101 College Composition (3 credits)
TM102 Introduction to the Old Testament (3 credits)
TM103 Introduction to the New Testament (3 credits)

Summer 2, 2017

Start: July 3

Add/Drop Deadline: July 7

Withdrawal Deadline: July 31 (5 PM Central time)
End: August 20

ES101 Concepts of Physical Fitness and Health (2 credits)
HI102 History of World Civilization II (1500-present) (3 credits)
HG202 American Government (3 credits)
LL151 Introduction to Literature (3 credits)
MA108 Contemporary Math (3 credits)
MU100 Music Appreciation (3 credits)
PH110/L Physical Science with lab (4 credits)
TM366 Basic Christian Doctrine (3 credits)

Registration will open March 1, 2017.

Summer Discount Registration

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