Online Student Orientation


First, have you enrolled? If the answer is yes, please continue to STEP 2.

If not, choose from the options below:

  • If you are a student in an online program or just wanting one or a few courses, please contact the registrar, – 620-278-4280.
  • If you are a campus-based student or a non-Sterling-College student and wanting to take Summer Discounted Gen-Ed(s), click here to enroll and pay.
  • If you are a campus-based student wanting to take non-discounted course(s), please contact your advisor.


Get your books! Online courses seemingly go by in the blink of an eye (OK, it’s a few weeks, but still . . .).

Click here to look up (and order) your books. (before Fall 1 2017)

Click here to look up and order your books (in new tab). (beginning Fall 1 2017)


What about technology for online courses? If you know your way around social networking and watch internet videos—then you’re ready to go! Proceed to STEP 4. Want to brush up on your skills such as Microsoft Office? We recommend:

STEP 4 (campus-based students skip this step)

Access Sterling College email. This is the primary email address and login we provided you. If you do not have access, please contact us immediately.


Access your courses via If you need help, please refer to our Student Course Guide. If you need one-to-one help, please contact Will Teufel, Director of Online Programs –


Study hard and communicate.


Here are your points of contact should issues or questions arise:

  • coursework questions: your instructor
  • chaplain: Andy Braams: Online Chaplain information
  • technical issues with courses: your instructor and Will Teufel, Dir. of Online Programs –
  • technical issues with email, mySterling is down or if you cannot login: Information Technology Dept. –
  • textbooks: Debbie Staton, bookstore manager:
  • academic disputes: (in this order, please) 1. your instructor; 2. your advisor; 3. the department chair; 4. academic affairs
  • all other student issues or questions: Contact the registrar’s office –


Want more information or looking for a form? Visit our Current Students’ Resources page.


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