Tuition Rates*

Undergraduate Tuition Cost:

  • $350 per credit hour, except:
    • $135 per credit hour for selected summer general education courses

Graduate Tuition Cost:

  • $400 per credit hour*

More information:

  • Complete your FAFSA to determine your Estimated Family Contribution
  • Sterling College Online offers a selection of discounted courses during the summer —mostly general education courses— at a 60% discount!


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*Please note: some courses require nominal costs in a few cases:

  1. Online education students in the Kansas region are required to travel to Sterling up to four times. Also, for education candidates with approved prior classroom experience, the course ED201 Field Experience may be waived following successful completion of a Field Experience Packet (nominal scoring cost required).
  2. Some courses require an exam proctor for key exams. Please be aware that some proctors and/or the institutions or organizations they represent may legally require compensation for their services. Sterling College accepts no financial responsibility for proctors. If you wish to utilize a proctor who requires compensation, you will be solely responsible for such costs.
  3. For PH110: Physical Science and BI125: Environmental Science, we may bill the lab kit with tuition to ensure everyone has the necessary kit near the beginning of the course.
  4. In addition to tuition, graduate students pay a separate technology fee.

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