Special Education Add-On Endorsement

This convenient, affordable program is designed for working educators who want to add to their professional credentials. It is the perfect online option for those who hold a Kansas teaching license in education at the elementary or secondary level, or for those currently working toward licensure in one of these areas. Teachers holding licensure and a high-incidence special education endorsement may be licensed to teach children with intellectual disabilities, behavior disorders, and learning disabilities. Most courses include a field experience that helps you connect learning to the classroom. Advance applications are required for the clinical experience and internship. Placements must correspond with school schedules and hours.

Courses Required for All Levels:

SE310 Foundations for Special Education Services (4 credits)
SE345 Behavior Management (2 credits)
SE315 General Methods for Special Educ. Service (4 credits)
SE499 Capstone Issues (1 credit)

For K-6 Endorsement:

SE321 Grades K-6 Methods for Special Needs (4 credits)
SE331 Grades K-6 Field Experience (1 credit)
SE431 Grades K-6 Clinical Experience (5 credits) or
SE433 Grades K-6 Internship (5 credits)
Total Credits: 21

For 6-12 Endorsement:

SE361 Grades 6-12 Methods for Special Needs (4 credits)
SE371 Grades 6-12 Field Experience (1 credit)
SE471 Grades 6-12 Clinical Experience (5 credits) or
SE473 Grades 6-12 Internship (5 credits)
Total Credits: 21

For PreK-12 Endorsement:

SE341 Grades PreK-3 Methods (4 credits)
SE351 Grades PreK-3 Field Experience (1 credit)
SE381 Grades 4-12 Methods (4 credits)
SE391 Grades 4-12 Field Experience (1 credit)
SE451 Grades PreK-12 Clinical Experience (5 credits) or
SE453 Grades PreK-12 Internship (5 credits)
Total Credits: 26

Sterling College reserves the right to make changes to this curriculum outline.

Tuition costs just $350 per credit hour. See our Tuition Rates page for more information.

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