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This program will allow you to learn the tools to minister effectively. The Master of Arts in Sports Ministry is for someone who sees a career in sports as more than a career; it is an opportunity for ministry. This program is very exciting because it is an opportunity to help you improve your knowledge and skills, increase your marketability from a practical standpoint, and be well-equipped for a life of service and ministry while pursuing your passions.

We believe God put each student in their careers with a specific purpose – the opportunity to minister and to bring the kingdom of God into people’s lives. Coaches and sports staff become leaders that athletes look up to, and there are only a few other occupations that provide a chance to be so influential in the life of an athlete. As a Christian, we want you to be ready for open doors to minister.

The Sports Ministry master’s degree is an online program. This master’s program allows you to take classes and gain this eternally-focused perspective while remaining in the workforce. The online format is very intentional to students, to be able to continue working, and, at the same time, adding to your resume as you move forward.

Our Program Is


You can complete the program in 1 year.


The 100% online format allows you to complete the entire program off campus. The program can also be taken part time and be completed in 2 years.


The online graduate program has an affordable tuition rate of $400 per credit hour.

Additional Resources

John Harding
Program Director of Master of Arts in Sports Ministry

We live in a world where sports and athletics play an increasingly integral role in our communities, in our economy and within our spheres of influence. Coaches, athletic directors, camp directors, youth ministers, activity center professionals and others within this space can make such a positive influence on the athlete in all of us. This program will allow you to reach hearts and souls along with the rest of the healthy body.

  1. Possess an earned bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution
  2. A minimum, cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation, one of which must come from a recent or current supervisor or faculty.
  4. Apply to program

All graduate programs at Sterling College are unique, with each having its own admission requirements. However, some general requirements and processes are the same, regardless of program.

Graduate Application Process:

  1. Complete and sign an application for graduate admission, including the $25 application fee. The application fee is required before submitting your recommendation letters or essay.
  2. Submit an official transcript from the institution where you earned your bachelor’s degree. Transcripts are “official” only when being sent directly to Sterling College from the degree granting institution. Transcripts sent to students are considered “unofficial” but may be used in evaluation.
  3. Submit a personal letter of interest stating reasons and influences for deciding to pursue a graduate degree in Sports Ministry.
  4. Submit two letters of recommendation, one of which must come from a recent or current supervisor or faculty.
  5. Participate in an interview. (The interview may be held remotely.)

Submissions for Sports Ministry Graduate Program admissions process should be submitted via the online application or emailed to admissions@sterling.edu

Graduate tuition is determined each year and is subject to change at any time. The most up-to-date and accurate information related to tuition is available within the Sterling College Graduate Academic Catalog.

Master of Arts In Sports Ministry

  • $400/credit hours


  • Initial Applications Fee – $25.00
  • Advance Deposit (applies to ALL graduate students) – $100.00


  • Audit Fee (per credit hour) – $55.00
  • Late Registration Fee – $25.00
  • Technology Fee – $150.00 (per semester)
  • e-Learning Fee – $75.00 (per semester)
  • Graduation Fee (assessed regardless of whether the student attends commencement) – $150.00
  • Transcript Fee (first one, no charge) – $10.00
  • Returned Check Fee – $25.00
  • Class Fees (variable by course) – $15.00 – $100.00
  • Diploma Replacement Fee – $75.00

The Master in Sports Ministry outlines the completion of 31 hours of required curriculum. The following required courses make up the required curriculum:

  • ES 501 Introduction to Sport Ministry – 1 credit
  • ES 505 Pre-Practicum/Internship – 1 credit
  • ES 506 Coaching Methods – 3 credits
  • ES 602 Leadership and Ethical Issues – 3 credits
  • ES 603 Practicum – 1 credit
  • ES 604 Developing the 21st-Century Athlete – 3 credits
  • ES 605 Internship – 2 credits
  • ES 606 Final Paper – 2 credits
  • TM 502 Introduction to the Bible – 3 credits
  • TM 503 Bible Study and Worldview – 3 credits
  • TM 504 History and Theology of Sport – 3 credits
  • TM 507 Ministry Methods and Assessment – 3 credits
  • TM 601 Ministry Administration and Leadership – 3 credits

Total 31 credits

Course descriptions can be found in the Academic Catalog.

The Master of Arts in Sports Ministry adheres to the Satisfactory Progress, Academic Probation, and Academic Dismissal policies as set forth in the Sterling College Graduate Academic Catalog.

Any questions concerning the program should be directed to:

John Harding
Program Director of Master of Arts in Sports Ministry
125 W Cooper; Sterling, KS 67579

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Sports Ministry Faculty

John Harding
Program Director for Sports Ministry

Dr. Roy Millhouse
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies; Chair of Theology & Ministry

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