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Professional Studies-Secondary Education Licensure Program

The Professional Studies program is designed for those who already hold a bachelor’s degree in a major for which STEP is approved to provide licensure. Students completing the Professional Studies coursework will be prepared to take the licensure exams and obtain a teaching license with an endorsement in that area. STEP is approved to provide the following licensure programs:


  • Art

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Music


  • Elementary Education


  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Speech and Theatre

  • English Language Arts

  • History and Government

  • Mathematics


Professional Studies Courses

ED195 Introduction to Education (2 credits)
ED201 Field Experience in Education (with 30 field hours) (2 credits)
ED206 Classroom Management (2 credits)
SE210 Introduction to Infants, Children and Youth with Special Needs (with 20 field hours) (3 credits)
ED205 Cultural Diversity in Education (with lab hours) (2 credits)
ED219 Instruction and Assessment (4 credits)
ED272 Educational Psychology (with 15 field hours) (3 credits)
ED356 Technology in the Classroom (2 credits)
ED357 Reading and Writing in the Content Area (with 10 hours) (3 credits)
ED400 KPTP Field Experience Lab (with 15 field hours and concurrent with content methods) (1 credit)
ED490 Seminar in Education (1 credit)
ED497 Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio (3 credits)
ED498 Clinical Teaching Experience (full semester in field) (12 credits)
Secondary Methods in Content Area (3 credits)
Total Credits: 43

Course Descriptions

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