Thank you very much for agreeing to proctor for our student(s)!

In addition to reading what is required of our students taking proctored exams, please also do the following:

  • Store the password in a secure location.

  • Provide the student with a computer that has a reliable, high-speed Internet connection.

  • Ask the student for a government-issued picture ID to confirm their identity.

  • Time the student and ensure that he or she completes the exam(s) in the specified amount of time. Typically, our instructors’ assignment setup in the learning management system takes care of this for you.

  • Monitor the student as he or she completes the exam(s).

Procedure for the exam(s):

  1. The student arrives, logs into our learning management system and navigates to the exam. The system should prompt the student for a password to enter the exam.
  2. Without the student looking, please enter the password and allow the student to continue with the exam. This is important because courses with more than one proctored exam use the same password for each exam.
  3. Monitor the student. Unless the exam instructions allow, no study aids, smart devices, etc. are allowed during the exam(s). In some cases, we require more (paper exam for proof of work in math/science courses). In that case, we will communicate in advance of the exam(s) with you and the student so the process is clear. If there is no “paper” component, the student completes and submits the exam and your work is done.

We thank you for your service!